5 Things CBD Can Do for Your Health

Posted: July 17, 2019 Author: zach

The health benefits of CBD, or compound cannabidiol, are finally starting to be recognized. There are many health benefits seen from this treatment, including the following.

Help Reduce Anxiety

NPR has reported on studies that were done in both animals and people that suggest that CBD can be an anxiolytic, which helps reduce anxiety. The reason it can help with anxiety is that researchers think it can change the way the brain responds to serotonin. CBD can help reduce anxiety by also reducing stress and helping with sleep.

Neuroprotective Properties

Ingesting CBD can be good for your brain health. Not only is it useful in preventing nerve and brain damage, but it can also help with symptoms of neurological diseases. Researchers are currently looking at using CBD oil in order to help treat MS and Alzheimer’s and assist patients who have suffered a stroke.

Improve Sleep

According to a review of research that was done in 2017, CBD can have the potential to treat certain sleep disorders, but it depends on the person. Some will feel more energized by CBD. For these people, CBD infused gummies in the AM may be more helpful to the sleep cycle instead of consuming close to bedtime.

Help Reduce Chronic pain

There are studies that show CBD can be an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can be caused by many health issues, and taking anti-inflammatories can reduce pain. It’s believed that CBD reacts with receptors in the brain to help reduce the inflammation, which helps relieve some of the pain. A study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine showed that it reduced inflammation in mice and rats, and a review of this showed that CBD can be effective for pain relief without adverse side effects.

Help Support a Healthy Gut

Studies were done in both animals and people have indicated that ingesting CBD can lead to a healthier gastrointestinal tract. Many issues are often tied to inflammatory conditions, which CBD can help treat. CBD has been known to help relieve symptoms of IBS and Chron’s disease as well.

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