Full Spectrum CBD Green Tea – 60mg | 5mg CBD per Tea Bag

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  • CBD Infused Green Tea – 5mg CBD per Tea Bag – 20 per Box
  • Made From 100% Non-GMO Organic Cannabis
  • Grown By Small Family Owned Farms in Upstate New York
  • 100% Money Back Quality Guarantee
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CBD Oil Syringe Ingredients

  • 100% Organic Green Tea Imported from Turkey
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol) – 5mg per serving (1 tea bag)

How to Make Organic CBD Infused Green Tea

Bring a cup of water to a slow boil in a tea pot or microwave. Pour 8 oz. of hot water into a cup, and steep a tea bag into the cup for 3-6 minutes covered. Sip and enjoy!

CBD Tea Dosage

Our CBD infused green tea consists of 5mg full spectrum organic CBD per serving. For stronger doses, you can use multiple tea bags with more water. All of our full spectrum CBD teas are below the .3% THC legal threshold, making it perfectly legal to carry and consume.

About Our CBD Infused Green Tea

Core Extraction’s CBD infused Green Tea is made from 100% organic green tea imported from Turkey. Turkey is known for producing some of the finest quality teas in the world, and we source only the highest grade tea available on the market to ensure quality.

Our CBD is also 100% organic, and it was grown by small family-owned farms in upstate New York. Our growers use only sustainable farming practices and top US genetic strains. It is 100% Non-GMO. No herbicides, pesticides or harsh chemicals are used in the growing process. It is 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free, and manufactured using the latest in extraction technology to product a pure and minimally processed end-product.

The result? Some of the best CBD tea available on the market!

  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Non-GMO
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Independent Lab Tests

Our CBD infused green tea is packaged in a box of 20. Each tea bag contains 5mg of Organic CBD flower. It is machine measured and weighed for consistency in dosage and hand filled to ensure the best quality.

We maintain close relationships with all of our farmers to ensure the best quality cannabis is used in our product. We properly vet all of our growers to ensure that we are sourcing only the best U.S. CBD genetic strains. We are involved in the growing process from seed to sale, which is what is truly unique about Core Extractions CBD products. We work closely with the growers, and we even hand select our crop prior to harvest.

How Does CBD Tea Work?

CBD tea works differently from the conventional way CBD is consumed. Generally, CBD is ingested as an oil or a tincture. With oils and tinctures, the flower is processed in a manufacturing facility to extract the CBD from the plant into an oil. With CBD tea, your actual extracting the CBD from the flower directly into hot water.

This ensures your consuming the full spectrum of cannabidiol to provide the greatest overall health benefits. As the cannabis plant is processed into oil, it loses much of its medicinal value as many of the cannabinoids are also removed from the end product.

In order for CBD to be released from the plant, the flower must be heated to active the cannabinoids inside of the plants cells. When the plant is converted into oil, your not sure how much processing was involved and how potent the levels of THC truly are. With CBD infused tea, you’re in control of the amount of CBD that is left in the product without uncertainty.

2 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Green Tea – 60mg | 5mg CBD per Tea Bag

  1. Maria Fernanda

    I have bought the tea (chamomile) and the oil 1000mg for myself and I absolutely love the tea. I give my children (12y/o and 8y/o) the 300mg/10mg caps and I see great improve on them. My kids could not sleep well, now they sleep all night and they have not gotten sick at all. I heard CBD helps the immune system and for sure is working. Thanks

  2. Nick

    This tea is great, it relaxes me, I will buy again

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